Theia open ring

Happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying your week. I just added this Theia ring in the shop.

It's an open ring featuring herkimer diamond and round faceted. Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Menstrual Man

Have you seen this? This guy is brilliant!

Cherry Blossoms season

I love love Cherry blossom season in Japan. Everything and everywhere I look is so pink plus the

weather is so nice and warm. Cherry blossom season comes and goes so soon. Too soon, but that

makes this time of year very special :)

Photos via my instagram @studiocosette

Sneak peek!

Hello! Happy new month! Today, I'm excited to share with you a little sneak peek to the new ss 2014 collection.


Peanut almond butter spread

not long ago, someone gave me a bag full of roasted peanuts. i wasn't sure what to do with it until my cravings for peanut butter banana smoothie kicked in me. so, i googled around and finally found this super quick recipe for peanut butter spread.

i tweaked the recipe a bit by adding some almonds and used canola oil instead of the vegetable oil. it turned out amazing. so rich and decadent! i'm thinking of adding cocoa powder next time!

Happy New Month Quotes

This month, I'm trying to live by this quotes that I found via my Pinterest.

Source unknown, please contact me if you know the artist!

smitten x miles of light

Not long ago, I've discovered a lovely shop, miles of light, while browsing through my friend's blogrolls. This shop has the sweetest prints. I feel so refreshed just looking at them :)

visit the shop, here

Before heading out to get some valentine's chocolate for my hubby,

I have to share with you these creative diy valentine's day ideas.

heart face magnets from mer mag blog | Printable valentine's card via a pair & a spare

P.S. have you tried making an origami heart? you can write a hidden message inside too :)

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